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Tinódi Gimnáziumért Alapítvány Kréta - elektronikus napló High-tech Biolabor
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Tinódi Grammar School of Sárvár

Our school is 70 years old and was named after Sebestyén Tinódi, a 16th-century Hungarian lyricist, epic poet, political historian and minstrel. It is situated in the centre of Sárvár, a small town in the western part of Hungary, about 50km away from the Austrian border.

We have 240 students and offer a 4-year academic grammar school education to 15–18-year old students who would like to study on at universities. Our students can study in a nice environment and inspiring, pleasant atmosphere.

In classes ‘A’ students who would like to start a career in engineering or economics have the opportunity to study mathematics in 5 lessons a week. In classes ‘B’ students study both English and German in 5 lessons a week. Language teaching and learning is very important in our school. Our students can take a language exam on the spot as we function as an ECL and ORIGÓ language exam place. We prepare our students for the intermediate and advanced level final exams in 13 subjects.

Differentiation is based on our students’ interests, diversity of skills and talents. Our school is an accredited distinguished talent point and we also take part in the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme.

We offer the following extracurricular activities: class trips, visiting theatrical performances, concerts, museums and art galleries, dance courses, choir, study circles for students who are interested in art or programming. Our students can do various sports: athletics, handball, basketball, volleyball, football, wall climbing, bowling and swimming. They can take part in hiking and ski camps, games and competitions. Talent management circles and disadvantage-compensation tutoring is also available.

Some of the most popular events of our school are the fresher’s day, the ribbon festival, the student’s day and the school leaving ceremony.